New Products in the Shop May 16 2014, 0 Comments

We just released our new product Pitcher's Balm as well as a Clubhouse Kit that includes all three of our grip enhancers. To celebrate their release, we are offering 10% off all Pelican items through the weekend. Offer ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Discount code is: Murphy. Why Murphy? Because Mike Murphy is the best clubhouse manager around. That guy has been with the Giants since the day they moved to SF and has held that place down through the thick & thin.

About our new product...

The idea of the Pitcher's Balm came to me as I was crossing the street after grabbing a cup of coffee from the cafe across the street from Pelican. It occurred to me that while there have been a ton of advancements with batting and the hitters grip, not much has been done for pitchers. I think that all boils down to one reason... adding any foreign substance to the ball is illegal as stated in the MLB rulebook ( rule 8.02 (4) ). The problem with pine tar is that it's so loose and messy... it's hard to use this stuff without getting it on the ball. Fresh tar is actually super liquidy and until it dries, has the consistency of say... Elmer's glue. The only thing a pitcher has been able to use legally is Rosin. Rosin is expensive baby powder in cold temps so that's why guys switch to the pine tar in colder temps which is unfortunately illegal. So why Pitcher's Balm? Our balm works in any temperature. It doesn't need perfect conditions for the player to benefit from its use. It also won't leave a residue on your finger which will then be deposited on the ball. It rubs on semi-transparent and will give the user a nice dry subtle tack on their finger tips. 

Baseball is changing every year and the pine tar rule is one that we will see disappear in the next year or so. It's use is for control, not to add 3 more inches of drop to your curve ball. Most batters will say they want the guy throwing 90+ at them to use whatever they want to help them control the ball. We feel like our product is a step in the right direction in regards to this topic. It will give the pitcher the grip they need in any condition while not leaving a residue that could be tied to trying to illegally manipulate the ball and its path. We hope you feel the same way. Have a great weekend! -Dave