The Process February 22 2014, 0 Comments

Every time I introduce the wax to someone, I often get asked where everything is made. Every part of Pelican Bat Wax is manufactured in our San Francisco studio. From screen printing all the labels to pouring all the wax, it's all done in our 400 sq. foot studio. The most time consuming part is mixing and melting the batches. It's a 5 part procedure that starts with the tackifier and ends with the softener. Each batch usually takes 45 min. to a hour to melt and then is poured into our molds shortly after. Once the wax is cool, it will pop right out of the mold and into the packaging step. I have a blast doing every part of the procedure but the putting everything together at the end is probably my favorite. It's super rewarding to see the final result. It's kinda like cooking dinner and then getting to put everything together on a plate. You get to see what all your work made and then deliver. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! I'm excited to play some ball before my league starts on 3/2 although that seems unlikely with the walloping of weather we're about to get :(