Pelican Bat Wax Sample Reviews February 18 2014, 0 Comments

I sent a ton of samples out last week and reviews and feedback are starting to pour in. Thank you so much to people who have emailed me their thoughts on the wax. Some players are in camp right now so them taking the time to let me know what they think is super appreciated.  I honestly haven't heard anything negative yet which is really encouraging and rewarding. I spent a ton of time working on the formula and seeing it out there in the hands of professional players has been really cool. One of my favorite reviews came from Ryan Huck who is currently in the Oakland Athletics organization. He said..

"I loved the bat wax. It did it's job and gave me the grip I needed but my hand wasn't glued to the bat like other products...I've been using the tiger stick and with that it gives a lot of grip but sometimes I feel like I can't get the bat out of my hands. Yours was sticky enough to give me the grip but I didn't have it glued to my hands. Definitely a good thing."

Tiger Stick was one of the products I used during comparative tests. I like Tiger Stick but it was a bit too gunky for me. It would leave a lot of residue on the handle after every application so I made a formula that doesn't build up as fast. I think the results are great and hearing this kind of feedback is awesome. Thanks, Ryan!