Grip Dipping with Miami Marlins 1st Baseman Justin Bour March 22 2016, 0 Comments

Justin Bour, 1st baseman for the Miami Marlins just sent over a series of photos of him getting some Grip Dip in their Pine Tar rag before one of their Spring games down in FL. I honestly have never ragged our Grip Dip but it looks like it works pretty good. The temperature probably needs to be on the warmer side so it loosens up a bit. 

Justin Bour Miami Marlins Grip Dip Pine Tar

Pine Tar Marlins Justin Bour Miami

Pelican Bat Wax Grip Dip Pine Tar

Justin Bour Pelican Bat Wax Pine Tar Grip Dip

Pine Tar Rag Grip Dip Pelican Bat Wax Justin Bour