Pelican Cleat Key™ March 10 2016, 0 Comments

For the past couple months, we've been developing a new tool that will help with removing clay and mud from your spikes. It's a problem I have consistently dealt with as a pitcher in San Francisco. Mounds are consistently wet due to rain/fog and I almost always cruise back to the dugout a few pounds heavier. You either try to kick the clay off or look for a stick or some other device to remove the gunk from your cleats. We decided to create a tool that would easily remove clay and mud while being convenient enough to clip on to your gear bag or keychain. Plastic shoe horns work, so does a kitchen fork. We thought it was time to develop a tool specifically madde for baseball cleats. The idea first came up last year when Tim Lincecum was caught on camera using a fork to clean his cleats between innings. 

We're proud to introduce you to the Cleat Key. They are made out of high strength steel and are equipped with cleat cut out so they can get around your spike to remove whatever has latched on while out in the field. Drummers have drum keys, bar tenders have bottle openers, and now ball players have cleat keys. Attached are a few shots we took this week playing around with the first sample. 

Pelican Cleat Key

baseball cleat key

keychain pelican cleat key

We'll keep everyone posted on a release date but should be pretty soon here :)