BAVBB January 03 2014, 0 Comments

BAVBB is the Bay Area Vintage Baseball League. I believe they have had 12 full seasons since their start. This year, Im joining the Berkeley Monarchs for my first season in the league. I am beyond excited to get the season rolling. I have played in other leagues in San Francisco and I can honestly say that this one seems the most fun. I special ordered a bat from Bulldog bats in Connecticut and received it in the mail yesterday. Bats have to be at least 40oz. in weight and 35in. in length. Mine came in at 40.9oz. / 35 inches. It had a deep brown finish that I wasn't too incredibly excited about so I decided to sand it down and redo the paint job. Here are a few photos shot during the sanding and finishing. 

Here is the bat hanging while the finish & polyurethane on the barrel cures. 

I decided to stamp the bat dimensions on the bottom so other players will have an idea of the size.

And the finished product with the handle dyed in ebony.